State of Louisiana
M.J. "Mike" Foster, Jr.


WHEREAS, on January 26, 1861, the state of Louisiana declared itself to be a free and independent state and subsequently joined the Confederate States of America of which it was a member state from 1861 until 186; and and
WHEREAS, the state of Louisiana contributed many soldiers and sailors to the service of the Confederate States; and
WHEREAS, the Louisianians who served on both sides of the War Between the States are memorialized in almost every parish in the state; and
WHEREAS, all citizens of the state of Louisiana should study the War Between the States, as we study all wars, so that we may understand the historical events which compelled the war and, from threat understanding, continue to learn to live together and seek to avoid further conflicts.
NOW, THEREFORE, I, M.J."Mike" Foster, Jr. Governor of the state of Louisiana, do hereby designate month of April 2000, as
in the state of Louisiana, and urge all citizens of the state to engage in a historical study of the events of the years 1861 to 1865, inclusive, and to solemnly contemplate that time in our history.
Signed by Governor M.J. Foster, Jr. on the 31st of January 2000,
Attest by the Secretary of State, Fox McKeithen

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