Old Court House

WFP Historical Society

Contributed from the 1976 Audubon Pilgrimage Booklet
by the WFP Historical Society

As it originally stood, this building, dating from the early 1800's, was in the finest traditions of Spanish Colonial architecture. Vestiges of an arched entrance may still be seen on its western wall. It is possible that the large room on the second floor served as the legislative chamber of the Republic of West Florida when St. Francisville was its capital. This room did indeed serve as the first court room of the Parish of West Feliciana, created in 1824. Since that time the building has been successively a bank, a grocery, a drug store, and a library. A drawing of its original facade appears above.

During the Audubon Pilgrimage the building serves as the center for the Bicentennial Festival of West Feliciana Parish. Here the fifteen flags which tell the history of the parish. Here the fifteen flags which tell the history of the parish rest, and from this building the daily March of History emanates. A sidewalk cafe offers weary Pilgrims a hospitable pause during which coffee or a cooling punch may be sipped, cameras re-loaded, and spirits rejuvenated.

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