Robb House

WFP Historical Society

Contributed from the 1976 Audubon Pilgrimage Booklet
by the WFP Historical Society

Many comment on local history are made by this house Its debut was noted in the local newspaper in July, 1895: "The Mumford Building on Royal Street will soon be ready for occupancy," F.M. Mumford was expanding his pharmacy, then situated in Bayou Sara and threatened by recurrent floods. Mumford's new building was in a style that firmly established the dominance of the Greek mode -- the gable-front commercial building. After the pharmacy followed the commercial center to upper St. Francisville, the lower floor of this building was used by the public school. The upper floor remained a home. In the 1940's the entire building was given over to domestic use. It is the home of Mr. J. E. Robb and Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Mulhall, who until recently continued the pharmacy tradition begun by Mumford over a century ago.

Robb House is now owned and used by the United Methodist Church.

Thanks to the West Feliciana Parish Historical Society for this write-up.

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