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*"Why Port Hudson?" Courtesy of the State of Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation & Tourism and the Office of State Parks brochure:

20 pounder Why Port Hudson?

      Control of the Mississippi River was important to both sides during the American Civil War. The North wanted to control the river and split the Confederacy in two. The South wanted to maintain control and ensure the flow of supplies back and forth across the river.

     When New Orleans fell to the Federals in late April 1862, Confederate army had already fortified the river bluffs at Vicksburg, Mississippi, but it needed another series of river batteries below the mouth of the Red River. The Red River was the primary route for the shipment of supplies from Texas to the heartland of the Confederacy.

      The bluffs near the small town of Port Hudson represented a perfect site for the river batteries. These bluffs were the first high ground upstream from Baton Rouge and overlooked a severe bend in the river. This bend presented an additional obstacle for Union warships.

     Following their defeat at the Battle of Baton Rouge on August 5, 1862, Confederate soldiers marched to Port Hudson and occupied the area on August 15, 1862. They constructed a series of river batteries along the bluffs and, in the months that followed, erected a 4 1/2 - mile line of earthworks to protect the land approach to the river batteries.
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Port Hudson S.C.A. ~ Fort Desperate
     Brief history of 292 officers and men under the command of Confederate Colonel Benjamin W. Johnson


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