Thompson Creek

Beautiful bluff on Thompson Creek

Thompson Creek flows from the Mississippi State Line down through the Feliciana's into the Mississippi River. It is one of only two tributaries in Louisiana which actually flows into the Mississippi River from the east shore, the other being Bayou Sara. Although only a few feet wide and inches deep in places, Thompson Creek is the east-west dividing line between East & West Feliciana Parishes (parishes - are Louisiana's counties).
Taking a break on Upper Thompson Creek

The Creek has all the beauty of Tunica Falls area, although actual falls are not as prolific. Along the creek you will find an abundance of wildlife using the creek as their main water source and with the wide variety plant life, rock structure and light infusions makes Thompson Creek a favorite summit for photographers. Capturing that one moment on film of a whitetail doe enticing her yearling to the creek's edge for water while the sun glistens off the ripples made by the shallow water rushing through the gravel bed. Add a 30 foot white bluff topped with beechwood or moss laden oaks as a back-drop and you have Thompson Creek - the nature photo studio.
Plenty of boulders along your path with calm waters on this day.

Boating on Thompson Creek is a bit tricky as during normal weather and with the inclined slope the creek bed there's not enough water to travel the creek without many short portages. This can be very tiring as areas of the creek bottom can sometimes be very soft sand and gravel, making walking without a boat difficult. DO NOT attempt to travel the creek unless there was a good bit of prior rain.

Then the other extreme, paddle the creek after a day or two of torrent rain. You will find standing waves and some extremely difficult maneuvers. But like Bayou Sara the creek can become extremely dangerous with fallen trees and all caution should be exercised. Trees and debris tend to buildup under bridges where deep washouts also exist, so try avoiding these areas during these times. Be prepared, equipped, and have some experience and your paddle adventure down Thompson Creek can be most enjoyable.
Old rock bottom - this rippling caprock is polished smooth on Thompson Creek

Fishing along Thompson Creek is found more productive in the Lower Section and into the Mississippi River. Here the waters of the Mississippi River will actually backflow into the creek at times during the year. There is a lot of silt buildup from the river so be cautious for sand bars. Remember the remoteness of this area, so be prepared in case of any emergencies.

Hiking Thompson Creek can be a great time and strenuous to "boot". Not only will you enjoy this remote creek with all it's God given beauty but a workout you Will receive. The drop off and pick-ups are far apart, but you can opt to leave and return to the same spot - controlling your distances. Walking/climbing across boulders, wading shallows, crossing a tree bridge and walking the bright white sand beaches make traveling an adversity of wills. Oh, yes the quick sands. Walking comfortably along on firm sand only to step into the unnoticeable soft gravel and sand down to your knee, thigh or even hip. After some laughter and struggle you are once again on your way with a keener eye for your surroundings and an appreciation for life's twist.
As the sun goes down along the Thompson Creek

Birdwatching is extremely fruitful all along Thompson Creek. The Lower Sections support much wetlands but a shallow draft boat will probably be needed as the area is extremely remote. Highway and backroad bridges are the easiest locations for viewing. Short walks up and down the creeks will totally isolate you from road noise within minutes.



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