Cat Island National Wildlife Refuge
Mailing Address:
Cat Island National Wildlife Refuge
401 Island Road,
Marksville, LA 71351

Phone: 318-253-4238
Fax: 318-253-7139

Blackfork Bayou - Cat Island St. Francisville Louisiana

Cat Island National Wildlife Refuge encompasses approximately 9,623 acres of the southern-most unleveed portion of the lower Mississippi River. Some 36,500 acres has been Congressionally-approved for possible future purchases. Most years the refuge floods during northern winter runoff and summer rains, making the area unique this far south.

Home to many fish, wildlife and plant resources, as Mississippi River floodwaters recede from the refuge in the spring, water and fish remain in oxbow lakes and depressed areas in the swamp. Fish species known to occur include largemouth bass, bream, catfish, crappie, buffalo, and gar. The Federally listed endangered pallid sturgeon is known to occur in the Mississippi River in Louisiana.

Home to the National Bald Cypress Champion

The forested wetlands of the refuge are home to the Federally listed Louisiana black bear. The Mississippi River is a major bird migration corridor and the refuge is located within an area of high importance for neotropical migratory birds, including the swallow-tailed kite, the Sierra Nevada mountain range, is located within the acquisition boundary.

Blackfork Bayou Scene

"Public use opportunites such as wildlife observation, photography, environmental education, hunting and fishing are available for the public on the refuge."

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