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Visit Plantations open for tours to the public.
Plantations in West Feliciana Parish that are private / some open for Audubon Pilgrimage.
Historic Structures located in the Historic District of St. Francisville, Louisiana
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Structures of Interest

Numerous structures can be discovered throughout West Feliciana Parish, some of historic value and others of just photographic, architectural or nostalgic value.

St. John's in Laurel Hill, north of St. Francisville La St. John's Church
Serving parishioners of Grace Church for 126 years, St. John's Church is located in Laurel Hill.
Brief history on the St. John's Church, Laurel Hill, Louisiana
Red caboose located down in old Bayou Sara at the base of Catholic Hill West Feliciana Railroad
The oldest standard gauge line in the nation, conceived in 1828 and chartered in 1831.
Brief history on the West Feliciana Railroad, West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana


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