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Historic Structures located in the Historic District of St. Francisville, Louisiana
Historic Structures found throughout the Country Side of West Feliciana Parish

Plantations, Private
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Numerous plantation homes are spread across West Feliciana Parish which are not opened to the public, although some are open occasionally for Audubon Pilgrimage.

Ambrosia Plantation Ambrosia
Built in 1918. Beautiful setting just south of town on oak-studded grounds.
Beech Grove Beech Grove
1832 house relocated on Beech Grove Plantation from St. Gabriel Louisiana.
Visit history on Beech Grove
Beechwood Beechwood
French country cottage on wooded grounds.
Visit history on Beechwood
An early 19th century home.
Built in 1890 replacing previous home, Como is the only West Feliciana plantation directly on the Mississippi River.
Center built of hewn logs in 1803 and later added onto.
Built in 1890's in the Queen Anne style.
Hazelwood Hazelwood
An early 1830's Greek Revival home.
Highland Plantation
Visit history on Highland Plantation
Laurel Hill
Built early 1800's and later enlarged.
Visit history on Laurel Hill Plantation
Live Oak
Captain Elijah Adams built around the same time as Rosebank. Though similar, the two houses are nevertheless markedly different in character. Live Oak reflects the architecture of the Natchez region more that that of New Orleans.
History link on The Oaks Plantation
Photo by patW The Oaks
Built by Judge Thomas Butler in 1888, this Queen Anne home is reached by impressive oak alley.
History link on The Oaks Plantation
Recently renovated home overlooking family cemetery.
Cottage built in 1823.
Given as a wedding gift in 1845 to Mary Barrow when she married her cousin Col. Robert H. Barrow Jr. Parts of the large farmhouse were an 1845 schoolhouse.
Rosebank Plantation Rosebank
Built before 1808 and remodeled into a country inn.
Brief history on the Rosebank Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana
Built and expanded through the early 1800's, plantation cottage.
Spring Grove Spring Grove
The house, situated in a grove of oaks and pecan trees,was built in l895 by Madeline and Wade H. Richardson. Their descendants still own the house. The large plantings of narcissus bulbs are a feature enjoyed by many. The oaks along the drive were planted when the house was built, but many are much older.
wakefield plantation Wakefield
Wakefield was built in 1834 for Lewis and Sarah Turnbull Stirling. At her death in 1875 her heirs effected a drastic settlement: the two upper storeys were removed to create small homes for two of them. Though truncated, the essential Wakefield remains, with much of its original furniture. On tour Audubon Spring Pilgrimage year 2000.
Located near Hollywood Road near Weyanoke.
Wildwood Plantation Wildwood
Build in 1915, Wildwood is a three-story farm house originally called Arrowhead by The Soule family. In 1958, the present owners purchased the home and call it Wildwood after their family home at Port Hudson. Both successive owners, Soule and McVeas, were considered families of educators.

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