West Feliciana
Historical Society

PO Box 338
Ferdinand Street,
St. Francisville, La.

Historical Society Museum
     The West Feliciana Historical Society was founded in 1969 for the purpose of creating an awareness of the unique history of West Feliciana Parish and to promote the preservation of its historical, cultural and architectural heritage through education, advocacy and stewardship.

     Since its inception, the Society has worked diligently to adhere to the purposes for which it was established. This has been accomplished through various avenues.

     The annual Audubon Pilgrimage is dedicated to the memory of John James Audubon who painted many of his famous "Birds of America" while residing in the parish. The Pilgrimage serves first to educate our visitors and parish residents alike on the history of the parish through the attractions featured each year. Secondly, the Pilgrimage serves as our primary fund-raising event and it utilizes the talents of all of the Society members as well as others who volunteer.

     The Society Museum serves as an information center for visitors to the parish and strives through the exhibits featured therein to enlighten and educate our visitors and residents concerning the history of the parish. The gift shop serves both the visitor and the parish residents who wish to purchase items depicting West Feliciana and St. Francisville.

     Market Hall, which came under the auspices of the Society in 1984, serves as a meeting and exhibits area and, along with the Museum building, demonstrates the goal of the Society to preserve local structures. The Society also maintains the structures located at the Rural Homestead that is opened each year for the Pilgrimage.

     All who wish to join the Society are welcome to aid in the Society’s efforts to preserve and maintain the beauty that is West Feliciana Parish. The membership year extends from January 1 through December 31. Dues are $10.00 per year for a family and $100.00 for a family life membership.

     Interested persons may contact the West Feliciana Historical Society at 225-635-6330 or write to P.O. Box 338, St. Francisville, LA. 70775.

So come on by for a lovely visit to the heritage we all take pride in exhibiting. Ask for A Walk Through History Map - for a nice pleasant stroll with history reference through our historic district.

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